Fibre MRFs

Plants designed and built to process all types of fibre. Whether as a Single Stream MRF or as a hub to clean-up lower quality MRF fibres to achieve the mill/export grade, our fibre MRFs are built to recover paper and card to the meet demanding specifications with minimum opex.

PRFs (Plastic MRFs)

Design-and-build plants to sort any mix of materials and recover products to the meet demanding specifications with minimum opex. We offer commingled MRFs for DMR, mixed containers and glass as well as sorting plants C&I and C&D waste.

MRF Upgrades

OKAY’s MRF Upgrades keep the UK recycling infrastructure at the forefront of the recycling revolution. We have spent the last decade adding new technology to existing MRFs to boost recovery rates, enhance material purity levels and lower MRF overhead. Using extra screens, NIRs and making better use of space, we can save your operation significant cost.


OKAY C&I MRFs are designed to work in a tough world and handle any mix of paper, card, film, rigids, wood and metals.  From simple, low-cost sorting lines to fully integrated 20+tph automated MRFs with NIRs and robots, we have the experience to recover recyclables in the most cost-effective method for your business.