Waste Shredders


OKAY works with all the big-name brands to offer customers an exact match for their application.  We have built some fantastic fuel preparation plants with Metso and Untha as well as some robust security shredding plants with Untha and Ulster Shredders.

Whether the plant need to screen to a fixed size, process baled, loose or pre-shredded waste, we will integrate the perfect solution for every customer.


  • C&I MRFs
  • Skip Waste MRFs
  • RDF Plants
  • SRF Plants
  • Bulk Waste Reduction


  • Size reduction
  • Guaranteed material outputs
  • Very high availability
  • Compact and flexible design
  • Improved downstream processing
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Semi automatic baler
Waste Shredders. Recycling Plant and Technology by OKAY Engineering
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Waste Shredders

For more information on Waste Shredders, call +44 (0)1536 765010 or email postbox@okay.co.uk