PreOwned Equipment

New or Used?

When buying preowned equipment from OKAY, we take away the risk by offering the best of both worlds: low equipment prices coupled with warranty, same-day/on site response and full support to end of life with future-proofing options from the OEM.  The equipment below shows what we have available at this time.  Please call OKAY via our Contact page for more information:

MAX AI Robot


  • 3100mm wide NRT In-flightSorting SPYDIRs
  • 2800mm wide NR In-flightSorting SPYDIRs
  • Fibre Sorting
  • Wood Sorting
  • Rigids Sorting
  • Film Sorting
  • Final Recovery

BHS/NRT MAX AI (5 off)

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Sees and identifies materials
  • Programmable
  • New Neural Network to match demand
  • Deep learning as network grows
Accelerator Conveyors
OKAY Vertical Baler

Accelerator Conveyors

  • 3200mm wide OKAY accelerator conveyors (4 off)
  • 2900mm wide OKAY accelerator conveyors (3 off)
  • 2500mm wide accelerator conveyors (3 off)
  • 2100mm wide OKAY accelerator conveyor (1 off)

OKAY Vertical Baler

  • OKAY Mill Sized Baler
  • Nearly new
  • Avaiable with customer logo
  • Fully Warrantied
  • D&I to your location
PreOwned Conveyors
Steiner UniSort

Various Conveyors

  • Selection of conveyors
    • Trough
    • Roller
    • Accelerators

Steinert Optical Sorters

  • 2800mm wide Steinert UniSort Flim (2 off)
  • 2800mm wide Steiner UniSort PR (1 off)
  • All units are unused and still in packaging
  • Excellent Opportunity
  • Accelerator conveyors to match available
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PreOwned Equipment

For more information on PreOwned Equipment, call +44 (0)1536 765010 or email