Bag Openers


Automated bag opening machines to operate at the front end of a MRF and liberate the contents of bagged waste into the downstream plant at the required throughput rate. The bag splitters tear open bags of all sizes and empty them leaving the valuable contents/recyclable materials untouched.

Built to match the throughput of the plant, these machines consistently open and empty the bagged content of incoming material streams.

With their hopper box sized to suit the incoming throughput, the bag opener also provides a storage and metering facility at the start of the plant helping to free up time for the grab/shovel loader.

Available to process all bagged materials for waste recycling, the bag openers we offer are the best in the market.


  • MRFs
  • PRFs
  • Material flow control
  • Bag opening
  • Feeding


  • Opens 95% of all bags
  • Continuous material flow
  • Compact design
  • Material storage frees up grab/shovel
  • Anti-jam function on drum
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Bag Openers

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