Warehousing Shredders


When space runs too tight and bulky material still needs to get from A to B, that’s when we use a warehousing shredder.  Our machines fit into a compact space, such as a chute, so that we can de-volume boxes and ensure they can flow freely to their required end point.

With a full range of shredders to ensure we have a solution for all box sizes and throughputs, we have solved some of the trickiest space issues for our warehousing customers.  If you need oversize cardboard downsizing, give us a call.


  • Warehousing chutes
  • Warehousing conveyors
  • Bypasses
  • Pre-baling
  • In between mezzanine floors


  • Ensures material flows
  • Overcomes clearance problems
  • Space saving shredders
  • No devaluing of end bale quality
  •  Ultra safe machines
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Warehousing Shredders

For more information on Warehousing Shredders, call +44 (0)1536 765010 or email postbox@okay.co.uk