Box Feeders

Box Feeders

OKAY Box Feeders are used to receive input materials from a grab or shovel loader and then act as a storage hopper and metering device to load the input material into a downstream application in a regular flow.

Built in modular sections, the robust feeder is made up of a heavy-duty conveyor within in a reinforced hopper and an adjustable metering drum. The hopper is loaded with input material until full by a shovel or grab and, with an inverter on both the conveyor and the metering drum, the Box Feeder delivers a controlled output feed to the downstream plant.

This metered flow into the MRF ensures the optimum performance of all the downstream equipment through a smooth, single layer of material onto all belts.

The modular Box Feeder is available in a range of widths and lengths, and it works with all waste to smooth our material flow, boost system uptime and give time back to loading shovels and grabs everywhere!


Available as chain conveyors with a metering drum, or as belt conveyors without a metering drum, the modular unit can be built up match any required volumes.


With inverters on the conveyor and, if supplied with a metering drum, the machine can moderate the flow to match the demand of the upstream plant.


The unit is available as a box feeder with four high wall, or with three high walls for low-height feeding if required.


  • Avoids having to ‘feather’ input material
  • Grab/Shove driver freed up
  • Plug and Play design
  • Modular design = any size
  • Inverters and sensors control output


  • Material Recycling Facilities (MRFs)
  • Plastic Recycling Facilities (PRFs)
  • RDF Preparation
  • Bulk Handling Systems
  • Fuel Feeding/Metering
  • Material Sorting Systems
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Box Feeders

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