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OKAY Commingled MRFs process dry mixed recyclables (DMR) collected from households and recover any combination of paper, card, all types of plastics, FE, NFE and glass so they can be fully recycled.

We focus our equipment selection on maximum material capture rates and precise material output purity so your recyclables are resold for the highest revenue.

We use a mix of bag openers or metering feeders at the front end and then call on our 70 years of experience to configure the plant to match the input/output requirements using a range of mechanical screening, air separation and NIR/optical sorting equipment.

With the robot revolution well underway too, we are also now configuring MAX-AI robots within our systems with the robot either functioning as an automated Quality Control (QC) on recovered materials, or as the ‘brain’ to see materials that NIRs typically cannot.

As the world of waste recycling moves on, we foresee the robots, NIRs, optical sorters and the MRF control software linking up to the Internet of Things so that the full MRF communicates with itself.  This will mean it can report an input surge to itself, slowing sections of the MRF down as needed to ensure full material capture is maintained, rather than the recyclables be lost to the erroneous surge.

The developments in MRFs are hugely exciting and OKAY is ready to deliver these advances so we can fulfill our vision to help bring about a fully sustainable world.

With a full range of powerful, German-made, fully automatic balers from unoTech, we complete our systems with the baling option to match the system requirements.  With fully autos starting at 50t presses and the range peaking at 200t balers, we have every fully automated baling solution needed.

OKAY also makes a ranges of semi-auto balers are our manufacturing facility here in Northamptonshire so we have every baling option to match the MRF’s output requirements.


  • Trommels and screens
  • Magnets and ECS’s
  • NIRs and MAX-AI Robots
  • Shredders and Air separators
  • Conveyors, Chutes, Hoppers


  • Removes Recyclables
  • Creates energy from waste
  • Continuous High Spec Fuel
  • Compact and flexible design
  • Diversion from landfill
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CLIENT FEEDBACK Mr Holmes, H&A Recycling

“OKAY Engineering guided us through the design and build process and advised us correctly. We have a MRF that does exactly what we wanted and at a price that was very competitive. We would always recommend OKAY Engineering to anybody looking to install material handling equipment.”

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Commingled MRFs

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