WINDSHIFTERS – OKAY offers all types of air separation for waste.

Air knives

These machines separate materials as they discharge off a conveyor with the air knife able to remove lighter material from heavy by blowing lighter material into a cage or container.


Heavy-duty machines with multi-adjustable controls to separate high volumes of light materials from heavy materials using a high-speed air supply, a splitter roller and air chamber.  It produces very clean materials at a very affordable price.


The Drumshifter range uses the same technology as the Windshifter but additionally has a drum in place of a splitter roller to help the separation of materials.


  • Air knives
  • Windshifters
  • Drumshifters
  • Conveyors
  • Chutes, hoppers and supports


  • Automated recovery of lights
  • Recovery of hard to capture material
  • Compact footprint
  • High levels of separation control
  • Plug and Play installation
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Wind shifter | Waste Management | OKAY | UK Manufacturer
Air Knife
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