Fibre MRFs


Plants designed and built to process all types of fibre. Whether as a Single Stream MRF or as a hub to clean-up lower quality MRF fibres to achieve the mill/export grade, our fibre MRFs are built to recover paper and card to the meet demanding specifications with minimum opex.


  • Trommels and screens
  • Magnets and ECS’s
  • NIRs and MAX-AI Robots
  • Shredders and Air separators
  • Conveyors, Chutes, Hoppers


  • Removes Recyclables
  • Creates energy from waste
  • Continuous High Spec Fuel
  • Compact and flexible design
  • Diversion from landfill
MRFs | Materials Recycling Facility | Waste Processing Technology
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MRF | Materials Recycling Facility | Waste Management Equipment
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Fibre MRFs

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