Ballistic Separators


OKAY Ballistic Separators are used in sorting plants that process DMR, commercial waste, containers, solid waste, or for fuel preparation.  They work by bouncing the material over its paddles and this action separates the material in to three streams:

  1. The rigid rolling items (containers) that roll back down the paddles.
  2. The flat flexible items (films and fibres) that walk up and over the paddles.
  3. The fines materials that fall through the custom-sized holes in the paddles.
The four key benefits of a ballistic separator are:
  1. A low opex due to the lack of wear parts.
  2. No wrapping of long and stringy flexible items due to the elliptical movement of the paddles.
  3. Low opex and low cleaning means the machines offers very high uptimes.
  4. With a compact footprint it uses space efficiently and is easy to integrate and retrofit within existing systems.


  • Kerbside DMR
  • Commercial DMR
  • Single Stream MRFs
  • Dual Stream MRFs
  • PRFs
  • Container MFRs


  • Recovers two types of recyclables, and fines
  • Allows better onward processing of materials
  • Compact footprint
  • Low maintenance
  • Low cleaning/no wrapping
  • Very high Uptimes
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Ballistic Separators

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