Waste Screens


OKAY Waste Screens are the perfect screen for an operation needing low maintenance and high uptime.  The machine’s design is based on a cascade system so material cannot jam meaning very high availability.  This in turn increases the service life of the screening elements and further reduces material blocking.  The sub-frame is also designed to absorb the residual vibrations of the screen and thus lengthen runtime, machine life and service intervals.

OKAY also provides a perfect material feed into the screen to ensure the full utilisation of the screening surface and therefore maximum separation efficiency.

The screening elements can be changed quickly meaning it is easy to swap out the screening plates for different sized alternatives.

The optional cover can be opened without using tools and ensures quick access to the screening desks for inspection.


  • MRFs
  • Waste Sorting
  • Fuel Preparation
  • Biomass
  • WEEE
  • C&D


  • Blockage free through cascade design
  • Separates to a mm size between 20-300mm
  • Premium screening performance over the entire screen surface
  • Grate bars loosen up material
  • Quiet design
  • Very low maintenance

Waste Screens

For more information on Waste Screens, call +44 (0)1536 765010 or email postbox@okay.co.uk