Fines Screens


Fines screens are used to remove the small sized content from a mixed waste stream.  Each application requires a different solution which is why, at OKAY, we offer a full range of separation options.

Whether it is to remove glass from DMR, fines from C&I or shredded paper from fines, we have a full selection of screens in order to offer a solution.  From Flip Flop Screens, to hard particle separators, to trommels, to debris roll screens to Zig Zag Air Classifiers, we have every way to screen out the fines content.


  • Trommels
  • Flip Flop Screens
  • Hard Particle Separators
  • Debris Roll Screens
  • Air Classifiers


  • High quality materials recovered
  • Precision screening to mm required
  • Precision screening by density
  • Fully integrated solutions
  • Full diversion from landfill
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Fines Screens

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