Fuel Preparation Plants


OKAY Fuel Preparation Plants are design and build to produce the exact material needed for a downstream process such as a CHP Plant, Gasification Plant or any other form of energy generation facility.

Our plants separate materials for recycling before then refining the key material so it matches the size, moisture content, CV, composition and density of the downstream process.

Using a mix of shredders, mechanical screens, air and density separators, NIRs, dust control and balers, we can recover recyclables and produce a fuel mix to a fixed specification.


  • Energy from waste
  • CHP Plants
  • Gasification Plants
  • Supply Chain Processing
  • Pelleting Plants


  • Fuel prepared to specification
  • Proven technology
  • Multiple references in UK and overseas
  • High performance plants
  • >95% availability at 24/7
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Fuel Preparation installation by OKAY Engineering
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Fuel Preparation Plants

For more information on Fuel Preparation Plants, call +44 (0)1536 765010 or email postbox@okay.co.uk