PRFs (Plastics MRFs)


OKAY PRFs are fully customisable to ensure an exact match with end-user requirements.  We work with all the NIR manufacturers to deliver plastic sorting plants that capture the high value materials at market-leading purity.

With our design-and-build approach, we tailor our sorting plants to fit the available building in a minimised footprint and we automate the facility wherever we can to balance capex and opex for the optimised plant.

Using feeders, bale breakers, magnets, ECS, NIRs, robots and balers, OKAY PRFs automated to meet every operator’s requirements.


  • Bale breakers and feeders
  • Mechanical screens
  • Magnets and ECSs
  • NIRs and MAX-AI Robots
  • Conveyors, Chutes, Hoppers
  • Balers


  • All target materials recovered
  • Market-leading purity
  • MAX-AI robots see black items
  • Automated plants
  • 100% solutions for plastics

PRFs (Plastic MRFs)

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