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One of the most important elements of fuel processing is a metered feed into the plant.  These sophisticated energy plants generate power and revenue for their stakeholders but they rely on homogenous material being fed to them at a consistent rate.  This is where OKAY can deliver very cost-efficient solutions.

Our design-and-build equipment is customisable meaning we will match the exact input requirement of any CHP or gasification plant.

We can receive materials from a grab or a shovel loader or another conveyor and our equipment will act first as a storage hopper/buffer and then as a metering device to deliver the input material into a downstream application at a guaranteed regular flow.

Available as chain conveyors with a metering drum, or as belt conveyors without a metering drum, the modular unit can be built up match any required volumes.

With its twin inverters and sensors, the machine can moderate the output flow to match the demand of the upstream plant.

The unit is available as a box feeder with four high wall, or with three high walls for low-height feeding if required.


  • Fuel Feeding to Energy Plants
  • Fuel Preparation Plants
  • RDF Plants
  • SRF Plants
  • Biomass Input


  • Consistent material feed
  • Metered output
  • Matches downstream demand
  • Very low maintenance
  • >95% availability in 24/7 operation
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Box Feeder | Waste Processing Technology
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Feeding & Metering

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