Four new Amber Bale compactors transform site operations

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Amber Bale & Compact Ltd daughter company to OKAY Engineering, has just installed four new AMB 2000 static compactors for Veolia at one of their large Nottinghamshire clients.

The robust Amber compactors were chosen to improve the waste management operations of the site, which is a large warehousing and logistics company in the food sector producing high volumes of cardboard and film.

The key requirement was for Amber Bale to reduce the manual labour in the client’s waste operation and to capture the materials closer to the point at which they are generated.  The previous set-up required the collection of material in crates in each of the two buildings (Ambient and Frozen) and these were then transported to a central location.

Amber attended site and proposed two pairs of static waste compactors to be installed, with each set parallel to each other to allow card and film to be collected separately for maximum material revenue.  The new AMB 2000 compactors were then located as close as possible to the waste source in each warehouse to minimise processing times.  With each pair being fitted with a full access platform all around the units from the loading bay, it means the operatives can easily load the left or right compactor dependent on material type.

The four static compactors have transformed the client’s operations.  Set up on a long term, fully maintained rental plan, the solution is ideal for both the end user and waste management specialists, Veolia.

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