Waste Conveyors


OKAY Waste Conveyors are class-leading machines designed to run 24/7 with jam-free material flow.

We have installed conveyors of all types, lengths and widths in warehouses and DCs across Europe because we know that a good waste conveyor system is not just about reliable machines but the following three elements:

1. Footprint fits with your Ops

Our footprint never interferes with your site operations: our solutions don’t just move material from A to B without jamming on the belts; they do it without restricting your working areas around them too. It takes know-how and craftsmanship to fit a high-performance waste conveyor system into a tight space without compromises to material flow, but we can do it every time to ensure our system flows and so does your operation.

2. Material Flow

We focus on solving material flow and thus deliver the real engineering solution that customers are seeking from us. At every transfer point, the material is presented correctly to the next conveyor to ensure a jam‐free, stress‐free operation running 24/7 so you can focus on your core business.

3. Designed for Plug and Play

Our systems work from start‐up because we engineer everything upfront based on our experience. Nothing is left to chance at site or needs changing after install. It is a proven design before we even build it. The days/weeks/months after install that you don’t spend project managing problems and snagging lists is a key saving with an OKAY system.

Conveyor| Waste Processing Technology | UK Manufacturers
Waste conveyor | Recycling Processing Technology | UK Manufacturers
This photo shows a warehousing conveyor to catch and transport waste (to a baler)
Waste conveyor | Recycling Processing Technology | UK Manufacturers


  • Waste Conveyors
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Multi Storey Chutes
  • Shredders
  • Balers


  • Easy extraction of waste packaging
  • Integrated design with warehouse
  • All throughputs, shapes and sizes
  • Recovers recyclables
  • Compact and flexible design
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Waste Conveyors

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