Waste Conveyors


OKAY Waste conveyors can be used for many medium to heavy duty applications. Our conveyor design has been developed using over 60 years of knowledge.

The design allows for single or swan neck bends which  makes the conveyor versatile for many varying applications.


  • Trommels and screens
  • Magnets and ECS’s
  • NIRs and MAX-AI Robots
  • Shredders and Air seperators
  • Conveyors, Chutes, Hoppers


  • Removes Recyclables
  • Creates energy from waste
  • Continuous High Spec Fuel
  • Compact and flexible design
  • Diversion from landfill
srf waste management
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Waste Conveyors

For more information on Waste Conveyors, call +44 (0)1536 765010 or email postbox@okay.co.uk