High Wall Belt Conveyors

OKAY High Wall Belt conveyors are used when a chain conveyor is too big to fit.  The high wall conveyor has the shallower frame of a belt conveyor yet, despite being a belt conveyor, its design still allows an inside bend. This means it can receive material in a low-height space and then elevate it steeply just the same as a chain conveyor. It can also have a second outside bend to de-elevate material at output.

With a raised edge (high wall) along both sides of the belt, the conveyor contains material neatly and its rollers inside the conveyor’s frame section hold the belt down as it goes over the bend section keeping the belt pinned tightly to the inside/outside bends.

It is a highly versatile machine to ensure there is a conveying solution for every application.

waste shredder | waste management | okay engineering
Conveyors | High wall Belt | Waste Management Machine | OKAY
Conveyors | High wall Belt | Waste Management Machinery | OKAY
high wall conveyor


  • Biomass
  • Metal Processing
  • Security Shredding
  • RDF – SRF – EFW
  • Waste Recycling


  • Low profile design
  • Varying side wall depths for greater capacity
  • Single or Swan neck bends
  • Robust design
  • Maintenance friendly
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