Glass Sorting Lines & Upgrades


Do you have glass fines that don’t make the grade?  We can help.  With our mechanical screens, magnets and air separators, we can transform costly glass fines from landfill fodder to shotblast, aggregate or smelt quality.

With our design-and-build approach, we tailor our sorting plants to fit the available building in a minimised footprint and we automate the facility wherever we can to balance capex and opex for the optimised plant.

Our systems are modular so can be used as a whole new line or as an upgrade to an existing plant.


  • Mechanical sizing screens
  • Zig Zag Air Separators
  • Trough Conveyors
  • Magnets (and ECSs)
  • Chutes, Hoppers, Platforms


  • All target materials recovered
  • Market-leading purity
  • MAX-AI robots see black items
  • Automated plants
  • 100% solutions for plastics
Glass Sorting | Glass Fines Sorting System | Waste Management
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Glass Sorting | Glass Fines Screen | Waste Management Machinery
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Glass Sorting

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