Chain Conveyors: Belt on Slat

OKAY Chain Conveyors are legendary.  Our belt on slat chain conveyors are powerful, chain driven machines with a rubber belt carrying medium over the steel slats.  This rubber belt finish is a popular choice when very small items need conveying as it prevents material ingress into the steel belt.

Available in a full range of widths and lengths with inverters, auto-oilers, flights and a range of belt finishes, these machines are as versatile as they are robust.

Used to feed balers, pulpers, MRFs and sorting systems, our chain conveyors are a faultless workhorse with massively high uptimes of 99% and safe and easy access for maintenance.

If you buy one, you won’t need to buy another for one to two decades, which makes OKAY chain conveyors the best value overall given their very long life.

Chain Conveyor Steel Slat | Waste Management Machines | OKAY
Chain Conveylor Belt on Slat | Waste Management Machinery | OKAY
Chain Conveyor Belt on Slat | Waste Management Machinery | OKAY


  • MRFs
  • Sorting Plants
  • Baler Feeds
  • Pulper Feeds
  • Security Shredding


  • 99% Availability
  • Very long life
  • Low maintenance
  • Legendary Performance
  • Best Overall Value
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Chain Conveyors: Belt on Slat

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