Baler Feed Conveyors

Baler Feed Conveyors

OKAY Baler Feed Conveyors can be used with all models of balers. Our conveyor design has been developed over 70 years and is the template for many imitations in the industry.  Only OKAY has a proven solution for every baler feed application.

Our chain on slat design allows OKAY baler feed conveyors to have a horizontal feed section that can be made to any length to suit the application.  All our baler feed conveyors can have their feed sections either in-floor or above ground with our design work ensuring a perfect finish for your site operations.

With an inside bend to incline and elevate the materials up to the baler, we also offer the option of an outside bend, or “swan neck”, at the output end to chute the material cleanly into the baler.

The steel slat belt used to carry materials can come in a range of styles and/or covered in a rubber belt with or without flights.  With inverters, auto-oilers and safeguarding designs that still allow easy access for maintenance, OKAY baler feed conveyors are the leading machine choice for all baler feed applications.

Powerful, reliable, adaptable and never bettered, the resale value of an OKAY conveyor is another sure indication our machines offer the best value over their long, long lives.

OKAY Baler Feed Conveyors, Waste Management Technology
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  • Commodity baling in MRFs
  • Shredded material baling
  • RDF shred-bale-and-wrap
  • Warehouse baling
  • Material handling


  • 99% availability
  • Proven design
  • Low maintenance
  • Very long life
  • Lowest overall cost
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Baler Feed Conveyors

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