There a very British revolution taking place at OKAY Engineering.  No explosions.  No ructions.  Just a steadfast rebuilding of the Company for a better customer experience everywhere.  We’ve re-written our quality system.  We have an all-new 100-point plan in our project management system.  Our engineering rulebook locks down our 70 years’ experience so it benefits everyone.  There’s more to say that one post can cover but, as part of this, we are delighted to welcome to the following three additions to the OKAY team:

  1. Our new Product Development Engineer, Arron.  OKAY is currently re-designing all of its products for improved efficiency.  That’s energy efficiency for the end user but also in-house efficiency to cut labour, materials and time at OKAY.  The faster we complete this, the better options we can present to customers.  We did have one Product Development Engineer to help us do this but he was doing so well, we’ve decided to double our speed!  Welcome Arron!  We are also expanding the OKAY product range and Arron will help us with this too, given he’s a super-talented engineer.
  2. Our new Application Engineer, Sladan. We knew we needed someone very special to help us develop our projects for customers.  We’re very happy to have someone who can bring a cinematic look to our designs and he’s already starting to blow customers away.  We’re very excited he’s joined us.  Welcome Sladan!
  3. Our new Head of Projects, Dean.  As a project delivery company, we need an in-house customer champion to drive projects forward, control costs (for our customers and us!), and to build relations with our customers that are founded 100% on trust, goodwill and good intention.  Dean is from the construction industry so knows his way around a programme and he just loves a project.  He will look after customer interests all the way and become a long term ally for them.

All three are exceptional in their specialist areas and so bring the skills and experience needed to help lift OKAY to a new level.

Look out for more info on how we are changing in order to offer customers more: more products, more security, more delight!

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