MRF upgrade specialists OKAY Engineering have transformed an older existing plant into a high-tech sorting facility through the addition of optical sorting units and associated equipment.  The multi-material plant now recovers HDPE and PET automatically and has streamlined the operation for HW Martin at their site in Alfreton.



By integrating two 5th generation Tomra 2800mm units into the plant, the accuracy and efficiency of plastics sorting within the MRF has proven an immediate return of investment. The design brief was to increase the recovery and purity rates of HDPE and PET from the commingled plant with the flexible option to change over to additionally recover PP.


OKAY Engineering visited site and assessed what was required to deliver the productivity improvements requested by the customer.  With over 20 upgrades at different MRFs in the last two 24 months, OKAY had the extensive experience needed to ensure the design fits, the plant works from start-up and the installation causes no major disruption to the customer’s operation.

NIR Upgrade | Near Infrared | Waste Management Equipment Manufacturer
NIR Upgrade | Near Infrared| Waste Management Equipment Manufacturers
NIR Upgrade | Near Infrared | Recycling Sorting Machinery
NIR Infrared sorting | OKAY Engineering
NIR Upgrade | Near Infrared | Waste Management Equipment
NIR Upgrade | Near Infrared | Waste Management Equipment Systems
NIR Upgrade | Near Infrared | Recycling Industry Equipment Manufacturers
NIR Upgrade | Near Infrared | Waste Management Equipment Manufacturers
NIR Upgrade | Near Infrared| Waste Management Equipment | OKAY
NIR Upgrade | Near Infrared| Waste Management Machinery | OKAY

In the final supply:

  • Two TOMRA NIR Optical sorters were identified due to their high accuracy and efficiency, as well as their instantaneous adjustment of targeting materials.
  • OKAY Engineering Ltd configured the layout to fit into the client’s available space.
  • OKAY Engineering Ltd supplied all supporting structural steelwork and conveyors to transfer the material.
NIR Upgrade | Near Infrared| Recycling Equipment Manufacturers

In addition to the building constraints:


  • HW Martin also asked to be able to maintain plant operation throughout the install process.
  • OKAY worked with the customer’s delivery team to create a programme based on weekend work that allowed the plant to run weekdays without interruption.
  • This install ran over three consecutive weekends.
  • In the final weekend, OKAY cut into the main plant to link in the new equipment
  • Plant production re-started on the Monday morning at full uptime and with the optical sorters optimised to deliver the efficiency upgrade immediately.
Dec Nortcliffe from HW Martin confirmed that the new system exceeded their expectations:

“The OKAY team did a fantastic job both with the kit and the install. The Alfreton Recycling Centre upgrade demonstrates our commitment to reinvest profits in the continued expansion of the business. This investment has enabled us to increase productivity and expand our recycling service to even more Local Authority customers. We are really pleased with the upgrade and with choosing OKAY.”

If you would like to discuss systems to improve your site’s efficiencies, please call OKAY Engineering on 01536 765010 or email postbox@okay.co.uk and visit our website to see the full range of our products and services  at www.okay.co.uk



For more details, please call 01536 765010 or email postbox@okay.co.uk