Global Recyling and Robot Day 2023

On Saturday, it’s Global Recycling Day ♻ and Robot Day!!

As a company, we like to nurture young talent with apprenticeships and employment opportunities. This year, we have started very young with a new robot design from Maddie, aged 4, who is the granddaughter of our FD. If the likes of TOMRA RecyclingPellenc STSTEINERT GmbH or MaxAI Remi Le Grand would like to use this design for their future robots, we’re happy to gift this to you. Don’t worry about IP; we have given Maddie some Percy Pig sweets and she’s now happy for it to be a free design for everyone!

Alas, Dotty the Robot may be some time away from joining high capacity sorting plants and upgrades, but the reality is our sector is being revolutionised by this technology and we are proud to be part of it.  Thank you Maddie and thanks to all the R&D recycling engineers bringing advanced technology to our industry. #design #recycling #talent #robots #future #worldrecyclingda #engineers #thankyou y #robotday #recyclingheroes #mrf #technology #recyclingequipment #recyclingday #globalrecyclingday