Total Plant Protection

Our full range of fully automatic balers comes from unoTech for whom our daughter company, Amber Bale and Compact Ltd., is the exclusive UK agent. With presses starting at 50t machines for warehousing card and culminating in 200t balers for mind-blowing throughtputs and bale weights, we have the baling solution for every application.

24/7 Support

TOTAL PLANT PROTECTION The real value of an OKAY machine lies in its Performance and Safety. At OKAY, our servicing team safeguard that superior performance and safety through the flexible servicing options we offer to customers.

Fibre MRFs

Plants designed and built to process all types of fibre. Whether as a Single Stream MRF or as a hub to clean-up lower quality MRF fibres to achieve the mill/export grade, our fibre MRFs are built to recover paper and card to the meet demanding specifications with minimum opex.

PRFs (Plastic MRFs)

Design-and-build plants to sort any mix of materials and recover products to the meet demanding specifications with minimum opex. We offer commingled MRFs for DMR, mixed containers and glass as well as sorting plants C&I and C&D waste.